Thank you for your interest in cooperating with DANNENFELSER

Dannenfelser there are now over 10 years now. With our solid brand ROOMSTAR and the changing range of Dannenfelser Specials and kids rooms lightings we are very successful and have a solid business foundation. Through ongoing analyzes to determine the time, what the consumer wants and the same our products the market demands constantly.

Dealer of DANNENFELSER children's furniture are separate and independent business partners, selling one or more brands of DANNENFELSER via respective contracts.

We produce on request for you according to your individual needs and for you very protected and exclusive. That is, if they have an idea for a product that can be sold in your opinion, well, you can leave this finished with us, even in small quantities. In contracts we guarantee you the exclusivity of your product ideas.

For an adequate market presence with appropriate services for our products to the end customer, we require standards for the distribution of our products.

The following standards are a prerequisite:

  • Corresponding exhibition space ideal presentation of children's furniture and lamps
  • must be exhibited at least one of our beds by ROOMSTAR and / or the DANNENFELSER Playbeds and adventure beds
  • Accordingly trained staff to advise the current requirements of the customer.
  • Desirable is a dedicated and professional online shop
  • The distribution of our brand ROOMSTAR on platforms like Amazon, Ebay etc. is undesirable and needs our consent
  • Experience in selling children's furniture

If you are interested to distribute our products and meet the above standards, we are looking forward to get in contact with you.

If you are only interested in our children's lamps and this would like to include in your program, then please send us your datas, we will switch you accordingly for this area free.

Under certain conditions and depending on the situation, we assign a dealership also exclusive to certain regions. Ideally, we would like to have a few distributors that can cover for a larger catchment area.

Once all requirements are met, you will be released for the retail section by us

There you will see your purchasing conditions and are supplied with all the other information that you need for a successful partnership