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kids furniture series ROOMSTAR there in multiple variations. DANNENFELSER manufactures these exclusive beautiful series of children's furniture in Scandinavian design. Please contact us for all models of ROOM STAR - from single bed / basic bed up to the large set, in the next to the single bed and the conversion kits for the daybed as well as for the half-height loft bed with 125cm and also the bunk bed are included with 160cm. And as partners or directly from end users.

The right bed design / requirements on the EN standards

All Cots Series ROOMSTAR are manufactured in the EU and painted and exceed in part the requirements for bunk beds the EN standard 747-1 / 2. Thus, for example, significantly higher made the failure protection as provided in the EN standard (depending on the height of the mattress). The colors used in accordance with the EN-71-3 standard.

The correct choice of material of good children's furniture

In addition to the design is often the choice of material for many parents in the foreground. The Cribs ROOM STAR are manufactured and made of a mix of MDF and solid timber in an optimal supplement. MDF as today most commonly inserted material in furniture has several advantages over the timber and is therefore nowadays used as an addition in almost all furniture. Particularly in the filigree parts such as the uprights at Raufallschutz of moving to the crossbars is MDF, the ideal choice of materials, as wood, if it works, these spots can produce small lacquer cracks. Thus Room Star is a sophisticated concept, where you will last a lifetime. See also our information on the choice of materials on our sites.
Children's furniture series ROOM STAR overview:


The daybed serves not only to sleep, during the day it can be used by its rear failure protection as a sofa. With beautiful pillow you create behind a comfortable padding to sit as on a sofa. Especially for smaller children, providing the daybed ROOMSTAR 2 pieces of furniture in one of: a bed and a sofa for daytime use. The daybed Room Star can be as basic bed, without the rear failure protection, rebuilt. To this end, it is easy and simple removable by 2 screws. The day bed is the basis for all other Star Room-high beds as well as for the bunk bed.
Incidentally, the daybed is also suitable for any adults room / guest room, because this timeless design is not only appealing children but also many parents ...

ROOMSTAR daybed including bed drawer with spare bed

The elegant daybed the ROOM STAR series convinces in elegant Scandinavian design and with practical guest bed solution. So in the bed drawer is a guest bed tucked around the overnight guests to have a comfortable place to sleep. It is also a nice addition, if the parents even want to dazulegen to your loved one, for example, in a disease if the child does not like to be alone at night. The day bed is also reflected well in the guest room, because it is so stable that also adults can be on in the guest bed.

ROOMSTAR half-height loft bed with a height of 125cm

This half-height loft bed provides with its overall height of 125cm to enter the world of bunk beds. For this attractive half-height loft bed you can always make a basic bed and also a daybed ROOMSTAR, simply by removing the extension post as well as the conductor. If your offspring so even has no desire to sleep above, make the loft bed down easy. Later, you can modify by the replacement of an optional conversion kit this bed and a bunk bed with a height of 160cm. Thus you are always flex bible and can adapt to the wishes of your Nachwuches the bed.

ROOM STAR loft bed with a height of 160cm

The loft bed with a height of 160cm is the big brother to the high bed 125cm. made very stable makes this child / youth bed nothing to be desired. The noble white of this bed is a real eye-catcher in every child, coupled with the high quality, but simple and classic Scandinavian design, this bunk bed fits in every child's room and in each Nursery Furniture. The conductor made of solid timber is very stable. The bed can of course be altered into a classic day bed / daybed. Under the bed there is plenty of space to play or for storing other things, when a total of little storage space is available. Also can be built under the bed a cave if you simply attach for example a curtain under the bed, which is available to buy from accessory retailers as well with us. The ladder is fitted left or right

ROOMSTAR captains-bed incl. bed drawer for storage space and additional guest bed

What a beautiful combination! For the bunk bed Room Star combines storage space with guest bed and skanidinavischem Design. Under the bunk bed 2 drawers are integrated at the same time, thus ensuring a maximum space savings, especially in small children's rooms. The large bed drawer has over the entire width plenty of storage options in the nursery, for example, for the bedding of the guest bed or for other things that are otherwise in the children used to do the floor. The guest bed is not only built for the guests of the children here also parents can even lie down with, if it should be necessary.

ROOM STAR bunk bed, convertible into 2 single beds

Bunk bed in Spitzemdesign! What a great and stylish bunk bed! Super stable it looks like screwed. Here wobbles nothing so stable that bed is built. The two single beds are connected to a thick pen of steel together, which ensures maximum stability and safety. This is the case for their loft beds that. The bunk bed can be later converted into 2 single beds. Either as a single bed or as a day bed that they alone decide. Conversion kits or similar, must not be specially still bought. The bunk bed is constructed so that the ladder can be mounted left or right. The handholds in the circuit even provide extra comfort when entering the upper bed.

ROOMSTAR kids chairs and children Tables

From the series Star showroom there are very nice and functional children's chairs and tables. The children's chair in elagnten Scandinavian look and the seat includes even a small drawer in which, for example, pens and other smaller items can be stored.

The children's table, however, has even 2 drawers where art supplies can be stored in each case on the end faces. Thus, this two Kinderzimmermbel offer an additional benefit and see plus a very elegant and beautiful.

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