Our furnitures are made with these materials

Below you will learn which types of wood and colors, the furnitures are made of DANNENFELSER and ROOMSTAR:

Beech wood:

Characteristic of Beech wood is a pale-yellow to pink-brown color that darkens with very little light. The grain of Beech wood is characterized by wide beams that form with diagonal cut to the root called "Fladern" (tongue-like grain). The pores in Beech wood distributed small and uniform. Beech wood of older trees has a slightly darker, brownish red to trending coloration that can be intensified by damping. From a tree aged a hundred years makes Beech wood from a red-brown core, which can be irregular and clouds form. These trees are called Rotkernbuchen.

Beech wood is characterized by a very large resistance. Therefore Beech wood is often used for bentwood in the furniture industry, which introduced the manufacturer Thonet early 19th century for its bentwood furniture. Through developed by Michael Thonet bentwood 1830, steamed beech has become an extremely popular material in the production of chairs and seats, the bentwood chairs. The furniture industry is still the largest application area of ​​ Beech wood . Besides Beech wood is used as a floor and as a material for stairs and veneers in interior design. Moreover, Beech wood has as firewood at very good Heizqualitäten.

The main application area for Beech wood is the furniture production, where it is used both as solid wood as well as plywood and form plywood. It is used for the production of hard and resistant surfaces for heavily used furniture, especially children and youth furniture, office furniture and seating arrangements. In the chair production Buchholz is the wood most commonly used include beds, tables, benches, upholstered furniture frames are made of beech wood, also garden furniture and deck chairs. For indoor use Beech veneer for wall and ceiling coverings is used, it is also because of the hardness, a wood commonly used for staircase and as parquet and wood block floor.

A very large range of use has Beech wood in the range of everyday objects. Here goes his use of household appliances such as breakfast boards, noodle rolls, bowls, trays and knife handles on the handles of brushes and brooms to tool handles, appliances stems, workbenches, folding rules and clothespins. In the toy industry, it is the wood most commonly used as a chip-free and hard wood. Due to the peeling and connection properties, the wood is also in the production of wood-based materials centrally - especially veneer plywood, plywood, plywood and laminated wood moldings will be built to a large proportion of beech wood.

Lime wood:

Limes grow individually or in groups in mixed forests in the plane as well as in the lower levels of the mountain. Larger pure stocks are found mainly in eastern Europe and Russia. As road and park tree summer Linde is planted predominantly.

Tilia cordata reached in stock a height of 25 to 30 meters in Summer Lime wood even 40 meters. Freestanding forms the Linde broad crowns and grows less in height. The trees can be a few hundred years old. Individual trees is attributed to an age of 1000 years. Lime wood is mild to moderate, soft and chewy. Its structure is fine and dense, but it does not have good strength properties. After drying, the wood has good dimensional stability and can be worked easily and well in all directions. Therefore, it is especially appreciated for turning and carving. Linden wood can be processed manually and by machine problems. Likewise, the treatment of the surfaces does not cause problems. The uniform, fine-pored structure of the wood facilitates pickling, dyeing and varnishing

Pine wood:

The pine belongs botanical genus Pinus in the family Pinaceae, is therefore a Pine family. The Italian stone pine or Mediterranean pine is botanically known as Pinus pinea. The pine tree is "the" Mediterranean tree of the North, because the conifers is the whole northern Mediterranean presence. With its umbrella-like crown big they define the surrounding landscape. Up to 250 years old, these Mediterranean pines. The trees are up to 30 m high with a trunk diameter of up to two meters. But the tree not only provides a popular furniture wood, because the seeds of the tree are harvested and provide the delicious pine nuts.

Pine wood can be easily routed machine as well as by hand. The wood of the pine tree is not too hard but very robust, were therefore processed in the Mediterranean of old pine logs for ship masts. Even in interior design as for Doorway pine wood is used. Because of the high resin content to pine wood is not for carving and only partly for turning. Throughout the Mediterranean region, the pine is a timber like used for furniture making for centuries. Today it is often processed in other regions to solid wood furniture.

Pine wood has a bright color and a darker grain, an irregular texture and small Astspuren. So it looks look alive and is often used for furniture. With pine furniture they get a piece of vacation into the house, and a hint of pine scent. The Mediterranean flair with the lifestyle of the South, there are free with it. Originally and naturally as they are, pine furniture must by no means always be rustic. They are just as good for a no-frills, Scandinavian-inspired style or the gentle curved lines of the attractive Italian design. Especially with solid wooden furniture sets pine new trends. Especially popular and attractive among the solid wood pine furniture are tables, display cabinets, dressers and beds. The surfaces of pine are suitable for many finishes. You can remain just as natural, but also be oiled or waxed. Also painted or colored glazed make pine wood furniture looks good.


MDF is the abbreviation for the medium density fibreboard. In principle, it is similar to the particle board. Again wooden parts were glued together into a sheet. The difference between particleboard and MDF boards is only in that in MDF wood shavings, but feinstzerfasertes wood was glued together into a sheet and pressed. Thus, these panels have a particularly high breaking and bending strength. MDF boards are usually plastic coated or veneered, but can also be provided with other coatings. Our MDF boards are exclusively painted with paints that comply with EN 71-3 standard (standard which, inter alia, the surface of toys regulates) correspond.